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                  PM Brushless DC Motor

                  TYWZ Series brushless DC motor use the high performance magnets as rotor material and replace the carbon brush by hall sensor, control the communication by electronics. This motor kept the advantages of traditional one and also over come many failure points such as the brush, slip ring etc.

                  • Product characteristics
                  • Product Specifications
                  • Drawing Dimensions

                  Main features
                  Superior torque characteristic, good torque performance at middle and low speed, big start torque
                  High speed precision, widely speed regulate range , strong overload capacity.
                  lower rotor inertia and prompt response
                  good characteristics when braking
                  High efficiency, without the excitation power and brush, reduced the mechanical wasts of the sliping ring. It is an energy saving products.
                  Simple structure, more reliable , stable operation , universal use easy fix and Maintenance.This motor can bear much vibration, less noise and vibration. Operation smooth with long lifespan
                  This motor are suitable use to the exp-proof application because there is no radio disturb, and sparks which created by the brush.
                  This motor suits for worse conditions application and the application which need prompt response with high frequency
                  Special options: thermal protection components: Oil mouth;oil seal; Special flange;special bearing


                  Technical conditions:
                  Working condition:
                  Voltage grade: AC, 3phase, 220V or 380V
                  Insulation grade: F Grade (H Grade)
                  Protection class: IP54 (IP55 according the need)
                  Cooling method: IC410 IC06
                  Mount base: B3 B5 B35 
                  Special option: mountain base, voltage, protection class,  exp proof grade, insulation grade, cooling method, shaft ends etc