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                  PM sychronous servo Motor

                  TYSZ AC servo motor designed by improved magnetic structure and winding coil type, manufactured by high performance rare earth magnet with refined production process then got the superior quality, reliable performance of the motor. This motor can integrate with servo driver to combine an best worth drive system can realize traction, prompt feedback, outline cutting, angle cutting etc high precision control requirements applications.Meanwhile ZYEC can offer many customized motors for metallurgy, plastic industry, glass industry, package industry and wind power applications.

                  • Product characteristics
                  • Product Specifications
                  • Drawing Dimensions

                  Main features
                  Higher moment coefficient
                  Lower rotor inertia and prompt response
                  Low torque cogging at low speed and running smooth at low and high speed
                  Sense the magnetic position in rotor ,the motor can output rated torque at zero speed.
                  Less wasts and high efficiency
                  Compact structure and small volume
                  Lower noise and tiny vibration ,long lifespan
                  Much higher cost performance


                  Technical conditions:
                  Working condition: S1
                  Voltage grade: AC, 3phase, 220V or 380V
                  Insulation grade: F Grade (H Grade)
                  Protection class: IP54 (IP55 according the need)
                  Cooling method: IC410 IC06
                  Mount base: B14 B3 B34 B35 B5 B6 B7 B8 V1 V15 V18 V3 V35 V5 V6
                  Special option: mountain base, voltage, protection class,  exp proof grade, insulation grade, cooling method, shaft ends etc