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                  line-start PM Synchronous Motor

                  TYBZ line-start PM synchronous motor uses high performance rear earth material to produce this kind of PM motor. It has a squirrel-cage for line-start inside the rotor. It can be controlled by V/F, can be started directly by power frequency. The speed if this kind of motor can be changed by inverter. Group control is possible. Speed control is very stable. It can output constant torque without speed error by the open loop inverter, and obviously improved the reliable of the whole power transmission system.

                  • Product characteristics
                  • Product Specifications
                  • Drawing Dimensions

                  Main Features
                  High speed precision:
                  the error of the  stable speed is 1/30000RPM , the application process level are much higher than before.
                  High performance: use rare earth magnet material, strong magnetic force, high start torque, low start current, wide range for speed regulate.
                  Small volume, light weight: The frame size of the synchronous motor are smaller 1-2 frame size than same power induction motor.
                  Simple and reliable control system: this synchronous motor controlled by open loop system, reduced the failure steps and costs. It also can integrate with network to build automatic speed regulate system, the performance is better than other traditional speed regulate motor.
                  High efficiency: high power factor, obviously energy saving effect.
                  Because of the magnet rotor neither has copper wasts nor has iron wasts, so the efficiency is 5%-12% higher than same power induction motor . This motor do not need get magnetizing current from grid. So the power factor nearly reach to 1.
                  Long life: due to the low current and less heating, the motor can work for very long life.
                  Easy mountain: the motor has the same dimensions with the induction motor, can replace the induction motor directly.
                  Strong adaptability: this motor can be use to the very strict conditions, can running at low speed for a long time, also this motor can use to turn on and turn off shift frequently application.
                  Optional design:thermal protect resistant.  Oil mouth, dust and oil seal ring. Special flange, special bearing.

                  Technical conditions:
                  Working condition:
                  Voltage grade: AC, 3phase, 380V
                  Insulation grade: F Grade (H Grade)
                  Cooling method: IC410 IC06
                  Mount base: B14 B3 B34 B35 B5 B6 B7 B8 V1 V15 V18 V3 V35 V5 V6
                  Special option: mountain base, voltage, protection class,  exp proof grade, insulation grade, cooling method, shaft ends etc