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                  ZYEC has been chosen as golden supplier by OerlikonThe release date:2013-04-02 11:19:31

                  Oerlikon is a leading researcher and manufacture company which is the biggest and play an important role in textile fiber machinery industry application. The market share of their top fiber machinery more than 65%, the main business of it’s is to supply advanced textile fiber machinery and complete solutions to the textile fiber production companies. They have 170 branch offices in 35 countries.
                  After more than 10 years cooperation, Oerlikon and ZYEC  set up a very strong relations as strategic. ZYEC has supplied many specifications permanent magnet motors to Oerlikon, ZYEC has developed a full range of permanent magnet motors for textile fiber machinery industry applications. The quality of ZYEC motor improved reliable and the service are completed during the cooperation.
                  ZYEC made a speech in the conference as the representative of the suppliers on Dec 8th 2011
                  The content of the speech as below:

                  1-Background of the manufacture industry during 2010 to 2011 in China
                  2-The strategic of ZYEC
                  3-Supports from Oerlikon
                  4-Development of ZYEC
                  5-ZYEC future and plan in 2012

                  The speech got Oerlikon and other suppliers confirmation
                  ZYEC always keep technology improvements and innovations to produce much better quality products while improve many kinds of service to customers.