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                  ZYEC become the experimental research facility of ZUCCThe release date:2013-05-10 10:17:19
                  The cooperation between ZYEC and Zhejiang University City College(ZUCC)forum was successfully hold in ZUCC on 18th NOV 2010.
                  ZYEC general manager Mr. Zhengmin Chen, EASTCOM (Eastcom communications co.,ltd) vice president Ms. Yu, Hang Zhou East Software Park president Mr. Song, Zhejiang yuantong co, ltd general manager Mr. Shou attended the folum.
                  The  topic of this forum is: what kind of student is the enterprise need and what can school do for the enterprise. ZYEC general manager Mr. Chen share his opinion with the students, and most of them said they benefited a lot from two hours’ talking between entrepreneur and students, entrepreneur and teachers, teachers and students.
                  At the end of the forum, the president of ZUCC Mr. zhou declare that, ZYEC become the experimental research facility of ZhejiangUniversityCityCollege.