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                  ABOUT US

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                        ZhejiangZhong Yuan Electric Co.,ltd (ZYEC) was established in 1992 .The R&D and production of permanent magnet (PM) motors and drivers began in 1997. With the design concept “High Efficiency, Energy Saving, More Professional”, and the developing aim to be “Refined and Competitive”, ZYEC is devoted to R&D and manufacturing of middle and high-end PM motors. Domestically, ZYEC is a leading company in the PM motors R&D and manufacturing.ZYEC takes a key role in drafting some industry or national standards.

                       Products Series
                       ◆ Permanent magnet synchronous motor (TYBZ TYPE)
                       ◆ Permanent magnet Vector (IPM) motor (TYVZ TYPE)
                       ◆ Permanent magnet AC servo motor   (TYSZTYPE)
                       ◆ Permanent magnet Brushless DC motor (TYWZ TYPE)
                       ◆ Permanent magnet synchronous generator (TYFZ TYPE)
                        5 series of motors with 500 specifications, the power range is from 0.02KW up to 500KW.
                       ZYEC’s quality control management system was certificated by MOODY ISO9001 (2008), the certificate number is 0109043. The quality control management actions strictly follow with ISO9001 requirements, meanwhile we take “First class products, Advanced technology,Reliable quality, Innovation management” as our manage policy. All the data communication transferred inside our company by interior network are in the form of code. In this case, it makes sure the data are confidential, correct and high efficiency. We execute 5S management in the production filed and divided each process to single unit. Some of our products passed CE, UL certifications.
                       Concentrating the R&D work in the headquarter R&D center, holding the core technology and integrating excellent outside resources ensure the quality and capacity of ZYEC productions. The headquarter of ZYEC with research center has an area of over 20,000sqm  and two beltline with output capacity of300,000 pcs motors. ZYEC expanded the partners such as small and micro motorproduction base factory, CNC machining center and stamping center. The expected production output capacity can be up to 1 million pcs motors each year.
                       ZYEC established an excellent service team with first class technologies during its operation in market for many years. The team is highly trusted and honored by customers with outstanding pre-sale consulting and after sale services. The service team offers strong support to our PM motors marketing activities.